About Us

BookReview is the best and most reliable product review and rating website, which helps consumers easily choose the products that best suit their needs.

Currently, the trend of online shopping has become very popular, so that shoppers need to grasp information and knowledge about that product in the process of choosing the right product. However, in our country today, the websites providing reviews and product ratings are not many and have not yet been fully met for consumers.

That’s why on 08/08/2015 we have established the website 1BookReview.com to provide product reviews to consumers with the above criteria. Our motto is “Choose fast, standard and reliable buy”. BookReview will provide consumers with reviews, ratings and good experiences in product selection.

About BookReview

All the reviews on BookReview are carefully synthesized, the articles are very long and full of detailed information to help readers grasp the fastest. BookReview always meets the criteria “Fast – Standard – Reliable”.

Our reviews are spread across areas such as:

  • Houseware
  • Make up
  • Health
  • Mother and baby
  • Electronic equipment, technology
  • House, life
  • Sports, picnic

Reviews and reviews are not 100% accurate but extremely close to reality, because these reviews have been synthesized and carefully reviewed through experiences while buying, using products and refer to many other sources of information.

BookReview achievements have been achieved

BookReview is constantly developing and updating information, so far BookReview has had a certain number of successful milestones: reaching more than 50,000 traffic a month from organic search through many of the above keywords. Top high google. Our vision is to make BookReview a leading website in evaluating, consulting and ranking the largest products in Vietnam.

During the inquiry process or reading the reviews, if you have any questions or need answers, feel free to contact us for the answer.

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  • Phone number: 310-341-3480
  • Address: 3118 Doctors Drive, Los Angeles, California
  • Email: reviewsbook39@gmail.com
  • Founder, CEO: Gregory J Luton
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