Book Review: Angel’s Prey (Hunting Royal Blood Book 1) by Serenity Rose

Book: Angel's Prey (Hunting Royal Blood Book 1) by Serenity Rose

categories: Book, Rh- Blood Type, Conspiracy Theory, Angels and Demons, Paranormal Romance, Unconventional View, War, Shambhala, Agartha, Inner Earth, Action, Science Fiction, God and Lucifer

Serenity Rose

Author Serenity Roseabout this book: Rose was a woman trying to escape the demons hunting her only to find her guardian angel would be the one most feared more than any other. Would he be her salvation or the true damnation of herself and unborn child as she runs from one man only to end up in the arms of another. Find out who the true nightmares are in this alternative perspective of God and Lucifer as their age old battle comes into play while the hunt is on for a bloodline of ancient sin. Discover new possibilities and explanations of the world around. A thought provoking piece offering a view through the eyes of the devil’s advocate. Which side is the true side of light and dark and does it truly matter which perspective is given? Find out as you read and discover a whole new view of the children of the gods and the bloodlines left behind in this science fiction novella and book one of Hunting Royal Blood.

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