Book Review: Dance of Grace – Volume 2 (The Chain of Lakes) by Stacy Monson

Book: Dance of Grace - Volume 2 (The Chain of Lakes) by Stacy Monson

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Stacy Monson

Author Stacy Monsonabout this book: Dance of Grace is a story for those who have lived and lost a dream, or had their life broken into pieces they knew could never be put back together. It’s for those who believe all is lost. This story follows the journeys of an ex-con and an injured dancer. One can’t escape the mess of their past no matter how hard they try, while the other caused the loss of everything they lived for. What’s left when it’s all gone – your hopes and dreams, your past, the future? Most of us would answer emphatically, “Nothing!” But Vanessa and Kurt discover another response to the question – something they’d never have expected. Something they aren’t sure they can accept.

There isn’t a simple fix when life has come crashing down. Redemption isn’t an easy path. But Vanessa and Kurt learn that hard work, determination, and a will to survive can create a new normal. What’s lost can’t always be found, but what replaces it can be beautiful.

• “Life-like characters and a story that flowed – both linger in my memory. I cried. I hoped. I was angry. I celebrated – sometimes out loud.”

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