Book Review: Master Todoist – How to Use a Simple App to Create Actionable To-Do Lists and Organize Your Life by SJ Scott

TODOIST is the hottest productivity app on the market.

The basics of using Todoist are simple. You create todo lists. Sortable and searchable from all your electronic devices and then sync these devices. Todist will then help you track and update tasks as they are completed.

This is the simple version.

But when you are looking at an empty to-do list, without knowing some of the tricks of Todoist this app can seem both daunting & underwhelming.

That is where MASTER TODOSIST comes into play. Written by Wall Street Journal best-selling author Steve ‘SJ’ Scott, himself a master of time management and productivity, Steve shares all his knowledge of this application and some homemade tips & tricks to get the most out of Todoist.

In Master Todoist, not only will you get a detailed walkthrough of the app’s features, you will also discover many strategies that allow you to focus on the tasks that truly matter.

Startung with the basics of setting up projects & tasks, then we move on to labeling, then go into a deep dive for details on creating flags and filters. Finally the book goes through more advanced features and even some of Scott’s personal productivity tips. (for use both in and out of the Todoist application.

And if that isn’t enough, we then delve deeper in the second part of the book and go though some of the more advanced features that will very quickly turn you in to a fully fledged expert with Todoist.

Grab this guide today to learn how to get the important things done.

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