Book Review: Match Pointe – Bad Boys and Show Girls (Love and Play Series) by Amelie S. Duncan

I came up with MATCH POINTE after watching a video of Arsenal Soccer players dancing with the Royal Ballet on you tube. What I was drawn to was the strength and discipline of ballet dancers. From my research in ballet, I found to succeed as a dancer takes a great commitment. To become a ballerina, principal dancer, takes close to a miracle, but in fiction, anything is possible.

At the beginning of MATCH POINTE, the ballet company has partnered with New York FC for a training program and the Crane Foundation of the Arts fundraising event. Four players from the team signed up, including our hero, New York Striker Tyler Wilson. Admittedly, Tyler was kind of a dick in Match Fit and Match Made. A couple of years had passed since Match Made, and with age comes growth. For Tyler, it brought about a new attitude, like it did for Knox, Tyler has changed. He’s looking to take on more responsibility and make future plans for his career. However, his image is tarnished by his past deeds. As well as problems with the Coach. He decides to take part in the program. There he sees his sister Zoey, who is in the corps, ensemble. He also sees Scarlet whom he had known from their old neighborhood in Staten Island.

Scarlet, our heroine, is a Soloist with New York Ballet and is looking to diversify her dance experience and have a personal life. She recently moved to NYC.

Scarlet’s life growing up was more sheltered than Zoey and Tyler. She had her dance mom and two overly protective brothers. Along with her grueling practice schedule, most men couldn’t get close, least of all her biggest crush, Tyler. That was until now and even more so when she came up with a plan (but I don’t want to spoil it 😀 )

The story has humor, angst, sadness, anger, drama, silliness, and love.To get to the love there is more drama in this story, but if you come along for the read, you will get your HEA 😀

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