Book Review: Moved, Left No Address by Vickie Phelps

Book: Moved, Left No Address by Vickie Phelps

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Vickie Phelps

Author Vickie Phelpsabout this book: “Moved, Left No Address” is the journey of a man to find an uncle he’s never met. He’s only heard stories and seen an old picture of his dad’s brother who disappeared before he was born. When his father dies, he feels alone in the world and senses the need for family. While sorting through his parent’s belongings, he finds some old postcards from Santa Fe, New Mexico with only the uncle’s name on them. So he heads for Santa Fe with the little knowledge that he has. His journey isn’t an easy one. Along the way, his life is threatened, he’s lied to, and deceived by those he encounters all except for a beautiful woman who changes his life.

Why I wrote this book: My dad’s brother lived with us when I was a small child about five-years-old. One day, we went to town and when we returned, my uncle was gone. We never heard from him again even though some family members searched diligently. He had just disappeared into thin air it seemed. He didn’t leave a note or attempt to contact us ever again. That story intrigued me for years and I had always wanted to write about it. Since we didn’t know what happened to my uncle or anything about his family, I wrote the story as fiction.

My husband and I made a couple of trips to Santa Fe for a conference and while there, we did some exploring and sight seeing which helped as I wrote Uncle Joel’s story.

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