Book Review: Postmark from the Past by Vickie Phelps

Book: Postmark from the Past by Vickie Phelps

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Vickie Phelps

Author Vickie Phelpsabout this book: “Postmark From the Past” is the story of Emily Patterson, a woman who doesn’t believe in miracles. When unusual incidents begin happening in her small Texas town, she’s unwilling to believe that something special is taking place. It’s December and her friends tell her it’s the season for miracles. Others encourage her to embrace these incidents as miracles. Emily is skeptical, but when she receives a letter from a man she doesn’t know, things get a bit bizarre in her world and she begins to question her own beliefs.

I’ve always loved the idea of old letters that tell a story, and I love Christmas, so when the idea of writing a story about both of these things came to mind, I leaped into the story with enthusiasm. Throw in a little romance and I’m hooked. But it’s more than just a story about letters and the holiday, it’s the story of how one woman learns that miracles can still happen today if we believe and accept them.

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