Book Review: Psalms for the Common Man by Vickie Phelps

Book: Psalms for the Common Man by Vickie Phelps

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Vickie Phelps

Author Vickie Phelpsabout this book: “Psalms for the Common Man” is a gentle reminder that being a Christian is not about Sundays but about the everyday acts we engage in. It is about living our lives in a state of grace.” — Vision Quest on Amazon Kindle

“Psalms for the Common Man” is a devotional book written for the everyday man and woman. I haven’t attempted to explain or interpret the psalms. I simply related them to my own personal experiences as I’ve read and learned from them.

I didn’t start out to write a devotional book. These were journal entries I wrote during my morning Bible readings. I recorded the psalm I read and jotted down my thoughts. Most days I also added notes on any personal experiences taking place in my life at the time. By the time I had written fifty or sixty entries, the idea of turning them into a book occurred to me.

I hope that readers will relate to some of my life experiences and my thoughts on the book of Psalms and will be encouraged or inspired in their own lives. Although I’ve focused on one or two verses in each devotion, I encourage the reader to read the entire psalm to glean even more knowledge from the chapter. It’s a book for anyone who enjoys the Psalms.

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