Book Review: Shattered Image – Volume 1 (The Chain of Lakes) by Stacy Monson

The idea that beauty is in the eye of the beholder is true – what one person considers beautiful, another will dismiss without a glance. The world idolizes beautiful people, and current society decides who’s “it” (for now) and who’s not. Beauty is ever changing, and always fickle.

Kiera has a face the camera loves, putting her at the top of the modeling profession. Everyday life is filled with travel to exotic locations, photo shoots, being seen with other beautiful people, going to “the” events. And then it’s gone. What she discovers about herself in the land of the invisible is unexpected, and life-changing.

Peter has dreamed for years of being famous, singing before thousands of screaming fans, signing autographs, living the high life. Finally, it’s his turn in the spotlight. He’s the rising star everyone is watching, one of the beautiful people. Life goes crazy with opportunity, women, money, and attention. It’s all his for the taking. Yet he’d walk away in an instant for another chance with the girl at the recording studio. Problem is, his life isn’t his own anymore.

A story of discovering what matters, what doesn’t, and how to get what you want.

• “Shattered Image warms the heart and soul and won’t be easily forgotten. Very highly recommended.”

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