Book Review: Tegan – Exotic Ink Series (Tattoo Series – Book Two) by LS Anders

4.9 Stars with 28 Amazon Reviews!

Read what these Amazon reviewers are saying about, Tegan: exotic Ink Series (Book Two)!

• “Heartwarming, Heartbreaking, Gritty, Raw and Absolutely Sublime” -R. Norman

• “Tegan is a complete page turner and a major hottie” -Jenz1972

• “Loved everything about this book!” -LadyS

• “Must Read..Beautiful” -Sharon Richmond

• “Love the Exotic Ink series” -Annamarie Gardner

Tegan: Exotic Ink Series (Book Two)

Jaded, cynical, and emotionless…

Tegan Steele had no idea his Achilles heel would come in the form of a demure blonde. The last thing he wants is another relationship, but Rayna Nichols reawakens a part of him he thought was long buried and proves to be more then he can handle.

Kindhearted, shy, and soft-spoken…

Rayna Nichols can’t seem to keep her eyes or hands to herself after meeting fellow tattoo artist, Tegan Steele. Aside from being sinfully sexy, she discovers there’s more to this hardened bad boy than meets the eye.

Jason: Exotic Ink Series (Book Three) due to be published December 2017!

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