Book Review: The Cat Connection by Lawrence Matthews

Book: The Cat Connection by Lawrence Matthews

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Lawrence Matthews

Author Lawrence Matthewsabout this book: A memoir covering a lifetime cats, this book also includes true adventures in flying small planes and cave exploring, with plenty of pictures and some fascinating mysteries. On the day that the proof copy of the print edition arrived, George, our current girl cat, dragged herself across the field, down the length of the house, through two cat doors and across the garage, collapsing just inside the house with a fractured hip. She had been missing for 30 hours and X-Rays showed that the hip was completely separated from the pelvis. She’s now trying to recover by being confined to a dog crate! (and has her own blog, in which she asks for help in getting out of “jail”)

A P.S. was added to the print edition covering George’s current story, and an Addendum with pics was added to the book’s webpage.

The book has gathered all rave reviews and is reaching more and more audience – thank you to all the loyal readers.

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