Book Review: Waiting For Joy by Vickie Phelps

Book: Waiting For Joy by Vickie Phelps

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Vickie Phelps

Author Vickie Phelpsabout this book: Lauren is a young widow whose husband was killed in Iraq five years ago. She lost the joy of life when her husband died, but it’s the holiday season and she is determined not to let anything interfere with spending time with her parents and two brothers. But when an elderly woman steps in front of her car, Lauren is faced with the responsibility of making sure the woman is okay. She’s forced to become the woman’s caregiver which stirs up anger and resentment because it threatens her chances of being with her family.

Readers who love stories of restoration will enjoy Lauren’s story. Throw in a little romance, the sights and sounds of Thanksgiving and Christmas and wait for the joy to happen.

I wrote this story within just a few weeks. Most of the time, I spend months, even years writing a book, but this story seemed to happen on the page right in front of my eyes. I enjoyed writing Lauren’s story and when I found the image of the young woman in a snow scene, I knew immediately it would make a great cover. My cover designer worked in the soldier in the background and her husband suggested the timepiece in the top corner. It’s one of my favorite covers.

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