Reader Question… Answered! The book about the girl and her father’s older best friend…

I was able to answer this one, ’cause by one of my favorite authors and of course that blurb gave me a jolt!!! How could I possibly forget this one. And in case you’ve been trying to remember it, too, or haven’t heard of it yet, but would totally LOVE a book like this one, I thought I’d post the reader question anyway. :D

Nicole asked:

Nicole: Hey, I need a little help, last week (I think) you had posted about a book.

It was a younger girl and he father had a company and a very handsome guy worked for him and he was married and now years later the girl works for her father and the guy still works for her father but he divorced. Ring any bells?

Maryse: Is it Karina Halle’s latest release, Before I Ever Met You?

Nicole: It is! Thanks!!

Maryse: YAY!!!! My pleasure!! :D !!

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