Reader Question – Looking for “Forbidden Gladiator Romance” book recommendations…

Jackie’s ALSO in the mood for a specific genre, having gotten hooked on a TV show, and now wanting to READ more like it. ;)

I brought this one to Facebook, and have a few suggestions, but of course, we’re looking for more!

She asks:

“Hey Maryse, do you have any recommendations for “forbidden Gladiator romance” books that include characters and story lines with depth?

Was hooked on the TV series Spartacus and was wondering if there are any books similar to that.


Eden: If she’s in to M/M, the Captive Prince trilogy might be a good one! It’s amazing

Sara: The Golden Dynasty by Kristen Ashley

Rita: Following

Maryse: And I must add this ready-made list of reader-recommendations (in case anyone has missed it, it might have that “feel” for you): Recommended books like “Game of Thrones” and “Golden Dynasty”


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