Reader Question – Marion wants more “Older woman, younger man” book recommendations…


Marion is also looking for book recommendations in a specific genre.

She asks:

“The new French president and his wife’s love story has put me in the mood for a really good Older Woman – Younger man read. What’s everyone’s favourite ever?

Mine is “The Education of Sebastian” by Jane Harvey Berrick”

Maryse: Oooooh I have a few that I can think of!!!

Natasha: Jane Harvey-Berrick’s At Your Beck & Call: Tales of a male escort <3

Billie: I listen to my books and have wanted to listen to “The Education of Sebastian” but its not sold with narration. I just keep checking on it hoping one day it will.

Jane Harvey-Berrick: I made one audio book but it’s so expensive to do. Maybe one day – sorry

Virginia: I think my favorite is still Family Blessings by LaVyrle Spencer. It was published in the 90′s but it is a highly emotional story and the hero, Christopher Lallek, is an exceptional young man!

Claudia: My favorite <3

Marion: Great! I haven’t read that one yet…thanks!

Angie: Love JHB! I also enjoyed On the Island: A Novel by Tracey Garvis Graves.

Billie: That is my favorite also!

Claudia: Happiness for Beginners: A Novel by Katherine Center

Katherine: <3!!!!

Marion: Just finished it now. Such an inspiring story, so beautifully written. Loved it!

Heidi: Until You by Jeannie Moon

Marion: The first one I ever read in the 90′s was ‘Dance While You Can‘ by Susan Lewis …they actually met at his school as well…..lovely story!

Rebecca: On the Island by Tracy Garvis Graves.

Jane: Back in the day, I really loved One Summer by Karen Robards

MichelleS: Oh wait! Lukas (Ashes & Embers Book 3) by Carian Cole fits that description! He was such a doll!


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