Reader Question – The book with the ex-wife that uses their kids to manipulate him into coming over…

YES!!!! I think I’ve read this one! Lauren read one of our recent reader questions, and it reminded her of a book SHE’S looking for. Her description of it makes me think of a Kristen Ashley book (Motorcycle Man & Sweet Dreams comes to mind for me). But maybe that’s not it?

She asks:

This got me searching my library for a book I read a while back…..the h’s ex-wife is constantly calling him to come over, saying the kids are sick or crying for him, that she needs groceries, that something needs fixing in the house, or the kids are begging for a bedtime story from him, etc.

He always goes because he’s a good father but the ex won’t let him bring the heroine so the h & h fight about it constantly….he sees that he’s being manipulated but won’t “rock the boat” because he’s afraid she’ll take his visitation away.

The ex-wife comes & goes in & out of the h & h’s house all of the time.

I can’t remember the book!!! I’m still looking but it’s driving me crazy.

Anyone know this one?

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