Book Review: The Anti-Procrastination Habit – A Simple Guide to Mastering Difficult Tasks by SJ Scott

Do you suffer from procrastination? (Most of us do from time to time.) But if procrastination stops you from successfully completing important work tasks on […]
Procrastination – Book, Time Management, Career, Nonfiction, Productivity, Business, Success, Self-Help, Business & Money, Creativity & Genius, Motivation & Self-Improvement, Motivational
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Book Review: Master Todoist – How to Use a Simple App to Create Actionable To-Do Lists and Organize Your Life by SJ Scott

TODOIST is the hottest productivity app on the market. The basics of using Todoist are simple. You create todo lists. Sortable and searchable from all your […]
Time Management – Book, Motivation, Self-Help, Time Management, Computers & Technology, Motivational, Productivity, Stress Management, Hardware, Business & Money
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Book Review: Become a VLOOKUP KnowItAll – Mastering the Key Microsoft Excel Function for Data Analysis by Peter Globus

Throughout my work experience I noticed the VLOOKUP formula is widely used, and a clear understanding is expected. Still, I found colleagues and others around […]
Microsoft Excel – Book, Excel Guides, Excel Formulas, Excel Functions, Excel Spreadsheets, Excel Errors, Excel Worksheets, Excel Iferror, Excel Error, Data Analysis
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Book Review: The Ultimate Guide to College Safety – How to Protect Yourself from Online & Offline Threats to Your Personal Safety at College & Around Campus by Peter J Canavan

Today’s college students face threats to their personal safety that generations before did not have to deal with. New problems exist in both the digital world […]
College Safety – Book, College Safety, Cyberbullying, School Violence, Campus Safety, School Safety, College Student Gifts, Personal Safety, Internet Safety, Online Safety, Self-Defense, Active Shooter
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