‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ writer’s childhood home for sale on EBay — assembly required

The Litchfield house where abolitionist writer Harriet Beecher Stowe was born and lived until she was 14 — which was disassembled 20 years ago — is up for auction on eBay for $400,000.

Just the pieces of the house, which can be reassembled, are for sale. Currently there are no bids on the house. The auction ends on Monday, Aug. 14, at 11:24 a.m. Art Pappas, the Woodbury antiques dealer and estate sales agent who posted the listing, said the house will be re-listed if it does not sell.

Pappas said he and a partner whom he would not name own the deconstructed house, which is listed on the state’s Register of Historic Places. It is currently stored in two semi trailers and two storage containers, some in Massachusetts and some in Connecticut.

In a phone interview, Pappas said the $400,000 price tag is more a starting point for negotiation than a real price.

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